Breitling Cockpit B50: a scoreboard on the wrist

Breitling unveiled the weekend last in Toulouse, in the context of a large Airshow, his latest creation: Cocpkit B50. One shows or not, rather an instrument for all drivers and those who love ultra-techniques timepieces. This new electronic titanium chronograph is equipped with a 46mm case with a calibre Superquartz (COSC) offering a foultitude of functions. One dashboard to the wrist!

This weekend, the weather was installed on Toulouse and its region. Allowing “ACEs of the air” to a stunned audience of that breathtaking also technical tricks! For the occasion, Breitling, this dating partner, presented its latest creation. A watch which, once again, the independent brand, as one of the essential partners of aeronautics.

This new electronic chronograph multifunction has a calibre ‘home’ to display analog and digital – an exclusive development of the brand. Designed to assist Airmen in all their missions, this model called offers a very wide range of easy to use functions while remaining ultra-lisible. One of the key of any instrument flight points. In addition to accuracy, that goes without saying!

With a natural titanium casing (or with carbon-based black coating), this chrono displays a decidedly technical and manly look. However, it is distinguished mainly by the performance and the functionality of its new caliber exclusive Breitling B50, a SuperQuartz movement, which promises “ten times more accurate than ordinary quartz”. It is moreover certified chronometer by the COSC (Controle Officiel Switzerland of chronometers).

Designed for professionals, at the forefront of which airmen, this watch includes all the functions necessary to carry out flights and the most extreme missions. In addition to the chronograph with lap times and return to flight (flyback), it also has a second time zone, a perpetual calendar, two alarms (with ringer or buzzer), a function “lap” for time in the round as well as a clock counts down with alarm.

Independent watchmaker it has also equipped with innovative features such as an electronic speedometer, a ‘ countdown/countup’ system for shackling a countdown and a timing as well as a highly ‘Crono flight’ aviation, useful to save flight times bearing in mind the time of departure, time of arrival and the date.

Another special feature: using as a base the time UTC (coordinated universal time, the time of reference for aviation), Cockpit B50 allows juggling time zones with complete freedom. With the ‘swap’ feature, it is thus possible to reverse the time shown by the hands and that of a second time zone indicated on the display by pressing a push-button with automatic consideration of a possible change of date. In short, a powerful chrono.

To facilitate the use of its multiple functions, Cocpkpit B50 has a control with function selection system by rotating the Crown  and turning through the two buttons. This conviviality is enhanced by messages from interface on the screens guiding the user in his manipulations. Addition mode ‘pilot’, the movement has a ‘ sport mode ‘ to temporarily limit the number of functions available. A double pressure on the Crown ‘parque’ momentarily needles in order to identify the view on two screens.

But this instrument is innovating also by its digital display ensure optimal visibility in all circumstances. Two screens to liquid crystal display (LCD), white on black, are equipped with a switchable backlight system by simple pressure on the Crown. “Thanks to this high-tech, indications stand with brightness and outstanding sharpness, of day and night” ensures the brand in its release.


wrist more of 35 ° – a very convenient when there is a hand on a command of aircraft or a steering wheel. Another significant novelty: the digits were oversized and the screen at 12 h has 7-digit 14 segment, which allows to display all the letters of the alphabet – where more user-friendly.

To ensure the energy needed for this high performance lighting (and therefore consumers), Breitling has developed a miniaturized rechargeable battery system. Recharge occurs on the network or through the USB port of a computer. Safety is enhanced by various levels of alerts of discharge, including the second hand jumps/stops, as well as a ‘standby’ where the movement, apparently asleep, keeps its timebase to restart properly unless we should re – make all adjustments.